Second Hand Buddhist Ebay Reselling Tutorials

First I want to welcome you to my blog. Here’s just a little background about what I do. I’ve been an eBay seller since 2014 and I’ve been doing it full time since 2015. The income is great but it’s definitely more work than I thought it would be. I made a lot of mistakes at the beginning and I’m hoping this blog will help you not have to go through that. I will be posting videos and articles on some of the items I find, some tips that I’ve learned about dealing with customers on eBay, and a lot more helpful information. Please follow me on YouTube as I will be adding new videos all the time. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you learn a lot for me.

Tutorial on some recent items I found on a visit to Savers


Tutorial on some shirts to look out for when thrift shopping.


Tutorial on cleaning sterling silver and identifying Sterling Silver


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