15+ Eerie Photos Of Central Park When There’s No People


Taken By Insomniac Photographer When you think of Central Park, the first things that come to your mind are probably massive crowds of people and warm sunshine. New Jersey-based photographer Michael Massaia, however, stays up late at night to make sure he captures views of the iconic park that few ever witness, and his results […]

Showing Up In The Moment

I’m not 100% sure that my meditation practice is changing my life. Nevertheless, every day, I sit down, check in, and do it. Perhaps meditation helps some people rein in their egos and emotions. With proper technique and significant time investment, maybe it will give me superpowers. But I suspect that meditating for personal gain, […]

Pilot Takes Amazing Photos From His Cockpit, And They Will Take Your Breath Away

Being a pilot, you get to see a bunch of beautiful sights from above. Being a pilot for a South American airline, you also get to witness the stunning phenomena of storms as your job requires flying over regions that experience them. Show Full Text Meet Santiago Borja Lopez – a Quito, Ecuador-based pilot who […]

How Long Would It Take to Count to a Billion and What’s the Highest Anyone Has Counted?

Article originally from Today I Found out and Written by Karl Smallwood Joseph B. asks: How long would it take to count to a million?  What about a billion? What’s the highest anyone has ever counted? Counting is one of life’s most basic skills and something most humans are quite adept at. Despite most of […]

Woman Wears Her Engagement Ring For Entire Year Without Even Knowing It, And Her Reaction Is Priceless

When an Australian man named Terry decided it was time to pop the question to his girlfriend of over 2 years, Anna, it didn’t take him long to find the ring – she was already wearing it without knowing. Show Full Text In one of the most creative proposals this year, Terry concealed the ring […]

I’m A Barista From Korea Who Creates Art On Coffee

For more coffee art pictures click link                                                                                                                           http://www.boredpanda.com/colorful-latte-drawings-cremart-kangbin-lee/

Soft Climate Denial at The New York Times

In our so-called post-truth era, when the White House itself is brazenly peddling alternative facts as official news, it is more important than ever for the media to speak truth to power. When The New York Times launched its post-election ad campaign on “The Pursuit of Truth”—featuring a 30 second TV spot aired during the […]

Republican Congressman Terrifies Constituents By Read Every Part Of Healthcare Bill

WASHINGTON—Hours after casting his vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with the GOP-authored American Health Care Act, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) reportedly terrified his constituents even further Friday by assuring them he had read every word of the newly passed healthcare bill. “I made sure to read the AHCA bill line […]

Watch Live Today: What Does a Black Hole Collision Sound Like? [Video]

black ho;le

If two black holes merge and no one is around to hear them, do they still make a sound? Careful—this is a trick question. Despite their reputation as the most fearsome objects in the universe, black holes by themselves aren’t actually very noisy. Any sounds emitted inside the event horizon, the boundary beyond which light […]

The Difficulties Men And Women Have With Communicating


So this morning I had a conversation with my girlfriend and realized some difficulties in communication. Well I guess you could say she was trying to vent a situation to me that was causing a lot of stress and I was doing my best to listen. The situation was causing her so much anxiety that she […]